“I want to unleash the American Dream. I will return our country to freedom and prosperity, and restore the principles upon which this nation was founded: man’s right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” — Rand Paul

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  • Rand Paul To Tour 11 Iowa Colleges Next Week

    Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul will visit 11 college campuses across Iowa next week in his latest round of outreach to young voters. Paul, a libertarian-leaning U.S. senator from Kentucky, is unique among candidates in the 2016 GOP field in his pursuit of younger, nontraditional voters – and he’s banking on their participation in Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucuses.

    Rand Paul Reaches 300 NH Endorsements

    Republican presidential hopeful Rand Paul reaches a campaign milestone today: 300 endorsements in New Hampshire. The Kentucky senator will be announcing another 25 supporters, with his leadership team in the Granite State now including 26 state representatives, two state senators, and numerous GOP and liberty activists.

    Rand Paul For President Reaches 300 Endorsements In New Hampshire

    Sen. Paul has reached a milestone in the Granite State as he received 300 endorsements from New Hampshire public officials, business leaders, and activists. "Rand Paul is winning the all-important organizational primary here in New Hampshire. The fact that the has been able to secure 300 people to join his leadership team, especially in a 15-way presidential primary, is a testament to his message and his connection with our voters.

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Dr. Rand Paul has a plan to defeat the Washington machine. Read about his important positions on the challenges facing our country today.

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  • Oct 09

    Stand with Rand @ RLC National Convention

    Join Senator Rand Paul on Friday at 2pm to talk policy, take pictures, and discuss how we take our country back in 2016. Straw poll voting runs through 5pm on Saturday. Use #StandWithRand on social media to post your photos from the event! Contribution...

  • Oct 12

    The Iowa 10,000 College Tour!

      Join Senator Rand Paul on "The Iowa 10,000 College Tour!"  At each SFR Rally Senator Paul will talk policy, take pictures, and show the Washington establishment that the youth vote DOES matter! Use #StandWithRand and #SFR on social media to pos...

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